Partnership with AP Pension

Matter refers customers to the pension companies AP Pension. Matter's role in the collaboration is to obtain contact information from potential customers, and pass this on to AP Pension that offers a sustainable pension plan for individuals, and AP Pension, who offers a sustainable pension plan for companies. All customer advice is handled by AP Pension, and customers referred via Matter are free to choose another product than the sustainable pension plan.

Matter is not a pension company, fund manager, investment advisor or an insurance distributor. Matter advises AP Pension on sustainability, but AP Pension is solely responsible for all investment decisions.

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Personal data policy


Matter has signed a partnership with insurance and pension company AP Pension around launching sustainable pension plans from the Fall of 2018. Matter collects information about customers who are interested in a sustainable pension plan. Matter confirms the interest of the customer, and transfers – if the customer allows – the customer’s basic information (name, phone number, email) – to AP Pension, with the intention of signing the customer up as an AP Pension customer.

By delivering your contact information to Matter, you accept that Matter may store your data, contact you, and deliver your data to AP Pension if you at a later stage confirm your wish to become a customer.

Who is responsible for your data?

Matter is the data controller, and directly responsible for the information you deliver to Matter, either via the contact form on our website, or through any following written or verbal contact between you and Matter. Matter only collects the information that is necessary for Matter to contact you and confirm your interest in a sustainable pension product, as well as eventually deliver your customer information to AP Pension, in case you decide to become a customer.

If you decide to become a customer with AP Pension through Matter, Matter will become a data processor, while AP Pension will become the data controller, who is responsible for the data Matter processes about you.

Why does Matter process your data?

When you give consent to Matter to contact you, you are also asked to give consent to AP Pension to share your data with Matter, if you decide to become a customer. If you become a customer with Matter and AP Pension, Matter will utilize your data to showcase central information about your pension on Matter’s platform, including how much you have saved, the financial return on your investment, and the environmental impact of your savings. Later in the process, your data can be used to provide advice around your pension saving and insurances.

Transfer of personal information

As a starting point, Matter does not share your personal information, as all information you store with Matter is confidential.

Matter can, through legal means, be required to transfer information to public authorities, e.g. through tax control legislation. Matter also has access to transfer basic customer information about you, in case the administration is for purely administrative purposes, and not for the use of marketing or advisory.

Furthermore, Matter may, with your explicit consent, transfer certain information. If you have not given consent, customer information is only passed on within the framework of Act of Financial Business, and only if necessary to complete or administer an agreement with you as customer or process your case.

Changes to potential incorrect information and/or access to information, Matter has stored about you

You can, at any given time, ascertain what information Matter has registered about you, and what information Matter passes on about you. You also have the right to change or delete and incorrect information. You can always find out, what your consent covers. Any questions can be directed to:

Matter APS

Nørrebrogade 47

2200 Copenhagen

Complain about Matter’s processing of your data

If you are dissatisfied with Matter’s processing of your information, you can direct your complaint to:


Borgergade 28, 5.

1300 Copenhagen

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