In Matter, we have already rolled up our sleeves, and we are working around the clock to make sustainable investments even more accessible for the Danes in 2020.

Matter’s mission is to make as much capital as possible work for a better future – for the people and for the planet. During 2019 we have expanded our business further than pension, to also make sustainable investment solutions for other partners in the financial sector.

In 2019, we partnered with the stock exchange Nasdaq and wealth managers, Hemonto. Meaning that moving forward, the stock market can be more transparent also for regular investors wanting to invest their money in a sustainable future.

New partnerships to broaden sustainable investing
When Matter started back in 2017, we had a sole focus of offering Danish pension customers a sustainable pension option alternative to the existing and more conventional pensions in Denmark. Since then we have been busy, and we are now in collaboration with AP Pension offering the most sustainable pension portfolio in the whole country.

Yet, if we really want to make an even bigger impact and move more capital into a sustainable direction, we need to work with more different players in the financial sector. And we are proud to say that this is exactly what we did in 2019.

What does these partnerships mean? It means for example that we are offering our data driven screening services, which makes it possible for our partners to see how the impact of their investments regarding the three ESG-factors; environment, social and governance.

To begin with, we only offered this service to our pension customers. But today, our other partners in the financial sector and their customers can also have a better and more transparent overview of their investment.
In general, we only see an increased interest for our products from the financial sector, and we are excited to making investments more sustainable and transparent in 2020.